Here you can keep a register of your movie collection in the cloud, and access it from all of your different devices for free!

You can also add borrowed movies or lending your movies to others, with information on when the movie was borrowed and to/from whom. These are highlighted in the list, so you can easily see which movies you have available at home at any time!

The service collects external information about your movies from and You can store this information while adding new movies, or later. If you have many movies without external information, with one click the site retrieves information and saves it about all your movies at once.

You can also view other user profiles, with some statistics about this person, as well as its movies and activities. Other registered users can in like manner see your profile, but you can decide in your settings what is visible to others (if any).

New 29.05.2014
- New feature, the Movie Chooser! If you are in the mood of a movie, but don't know which one? Start the movie chooser from the Home page. Just keep going until you find a movie you would like to see.

New 19.05.2014
- Added the option to export and import all your movies to/from CSV. You can do this from the "Settings" menu/icon in your movie list.

New 15.05.2014
- An official Android app is now available at Google Play! To download please follow instructions on the downloads page.

New 02.04.2014
- Added keyboard shortcut! When viewing a movie list (your own or others) pressing CTRL+S will bring up the search/filter box for filtering the movies.

New 26.03.2014
- Added "My changes". You can now see all of your changes (from now) on the page My changes.
- You can now download MyMoovs Android app from Downloads!

New 25.03.2014
- When you are viewing movie details and the prefetched details are wrong, you could click the "Wrong external information found?" button, and you can search for the correct one. Here you can also search for TV shows now.
- When clicking the "Fill in missing movie data" under the settings for your movie lists, it will now search both movies and tv shows, and then matching the title against each other to find the closest match for your movie. This will most likely mean that you get correct information on both movies and TV shows.
- Fixed a bug causing wrong background color on movies after deselecting them with right-click in your movie list.
- Fixed a bug causing movie poster displaying two times if movie was lent or borrowed.

New 24.03.2014
- When adding new movies the live search will also search for TV shows, not just movies.

New 21.03.2014
- Added keyboard shortcut! No matter what page you are on you can always just press "CTRL+A" to add a new movie. If you already are on "My moovies" the page will scroll up to the add a new movie field and the cursor will be ready in the movie title textbox. If you are on another page, the add a new movie fields will slide down on the top. From here you can add new movies as normal, with live search and error messages.
- Added a new widget: "Popular movies". This is just a simple slideshow showing the most popular movies at the moment.

New 18.03.2014
- If you have any lent or borrowed movies you will, as always, se that to the right in the "Your statistics" widget. Now you can click the number of borrowed/lent movies you have and it will popup a dialog window showing all of your borrowed or lent movies. From here you also have the ability to mark them as returned with one click.
- Added total runtime in the statistics page. This is showing how long it would take to watch all your movies, and all the movies registered in total.
- Fixed a bug wich caused that errors when adding new movies would not show. Now the errors will slide down, when there are som errors.

New 09.03.2014
- New design implemented! The new design also includes som new features like viewing your movie as poster tiles and configuring the colors of the site as you wishes!
- If you liked the old design better, please let me know and I may be placing that on a subdomain later, but that will not be updated anymore.

New 03.02.2014
- Started on the new design! This will be a more modern responsive design, based on the popular "Flat-UI" methods. You can view the work in progress at

New 28.01.2014
- Added log in/register using Facebook buttons! The "Log in using Facebook" button in the log in/register widget on right side of the page will log you in if you already have an account, or create one for you in 1 click. On the register page the same button is there called "One-click registration with Facebook." Where we are creating an account automatically for you, autogenerating a username, based on your name, and a random strong password. On the registration page there also is a prefilled form with som information from your facebook profile, where you can enter your own username and password. For those of you who don't have, or don't want to register using facebook, you can still choose to register the normal way.

New 26.01.2014
- Added the ability to translate the webpage with Google Translate, you can find it at the bottom of the page. NB!! This will make some of the design in the pages to be displayed wrong, and many of the translations will not be correct!
- You can now like/share/+1 on Facebook and Google+. It will then share the current page you are on, if it is the MyMoovs home page, your profile or one of your movies. these buttons is located at the bottom of the page.

New 25.01.2014
- You can now filter/search all movie lists by title, format, year, runtime, genre, director, writer, actor or tagline. This obviously only works if you have the selected fields stored in your database, and are showing them in your lists.

New 24.01.2014
- When viewing more details about the movies in your lists, the movie titles go bold for better readability.

New 13.01.2014
- Added the option to select that the external information when viewing a movie is correct. This will save the external information i your database.
- Added an option to fill in missing data on all your movies. Some minor bugs still remain, but the function pretty much works as expected.

New 09.01.2014
- You can now customize how movie lists will be shown. Format, Title and Date added are mandatory, but Year, Runtime, Genre, Director, Writer, Actors, Tagline and Link to trailer is selectable. If the selected fields are empty in a movie, they will simply not be shown for that movie. These settings will affect how you view all movie lists.
- When viewing movie details, the site retrieves external information about the selected movie. If the external information is wrong, you can now search and select the correct movie if you find it. The new information will then be stored in your database and can be viewed i your movie list. When information is stored i your database it will also be faster loading the detailpage for that movie.

New 07.01.2014
- Added an advanced field when adding new movies. Here you can insert more detailed information about your movie. When selecting movies from the live search, the advanced field will automatically open, and be filled with information on the selected movie. This means lower load times when viewing that movie.

New 06.01.2014
- Movie title is now case-sensitive.

New 04.01.2014
- Added live search from when adding new movies.

New 03.01.2014
- Added "mass actions" in "My moovies" with the option to delete or lend all selected movies. Select movies by right clicking on them.

New 02.01.2014
- Started adding changes like this on home page.
- You can now order all movies by clicking on "Format", "Title" or "Date added", ascending and descending.

Under construktion

The site is under constant development and changes may occur, new things can be added, or things can be removed again. The latest changes will be posted on this site.

Link to Todo-list and Changelog: HERE
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